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Links to Specific Raider Classes
spacer Just for you '50's RAIDERS - Bob Richmond has the very latest news for you SENIOR RAIDERS !!!  Bob has been taking care of the entire 50's decade for a number of years.  Just goes to show that RAIDER spirit doesn't wane with the years.  Thanks, Bob, from all of us.
  The Class of '62 - Your super Class Rep, Rick Hounshell, has put in a lot of RAIDER time to dedicate a website to his class.  If you haven't stopped by yet, Take the time to give this page a look.  Great job, Rick!!!
  The Class of '77 - The class of 1977 has it's own website.
  K-Town Newsletter - Lisa De La Garza '87 has the latest RAIDERS news for you ... Link updated on 11/15/00.  Lisa may be younger than the other two RAIDERS mentioned above but she has matched them with her RAIDER spirit.  Thanks for everything, Lisa.
  K-TOWN Reunion - 2004 Dallas Reunion
  Kindergraves - Interment of the remains of more than 450 American children, mostly infants, in the Kaiserslautern city cemetery between 1952 and 1971. Bob Richmond '55 is the contact. His site includes the names.
  KAHS WEB PAGE - The school has its own web page now - Check it out !!!!
  Ramstein K-Town Brat Pack - Class of 1969
  Sembach Brats Page - An excellent job by Glenn Ellis '77 on  a web page dedicated Sembach Brat Tigers.  Check out the message board for your Sembach RAIDER friends.
  U. of Maryland /Munich Alumni - A great site for those of you who went to Munich after K-Town.
Kaiserslautern City Links
  Kaiserslautern City Web Page -  They have updated the K-Town page.
BRATS Related Links
  American Overseas Schools Historical Society (AOSHA) - A great resource for info on all overseas schools.  Definitely worth a visit!
  ClassMates.com - Check this one out for e-mail addresses of RAIDERS. Register while you're there!
  Grad Finder.Com - Yet another place to search for your long-lost RAIDER friend.
  DoDEA Alumni Page - A page of links to other schools' Alumni organizations and the place to get transcripts.
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